The Flash: Earth 2

Fellow watchers of the CW show The Flash will know that season 2 has introduced the existence of parallel universes, each of which has its own unique Earth. This was something introduced in the Silver Age of comics, when the Silver Age Flash Barry Allen met the Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick, ushering in further new incarnations of Golden Age comic characters.

In the comics, the Earth from which Allen hailed was called Earth 1, the Earth from which Garrick originated Earth 2. There were an infinite number of alternate universes, but these two were the ones most prominent in the DC multiverse. Earth 1 had the Justice League, Earth 2 a Justice Society.

When it was revealed not only that the multiverse would be introduced, but that Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash himself would be joining the cast for the second season, many fans hoped eagerly for other members of the Justice Society to appear.

But as the season moved on, we saw that nearly all the Earth-2 citizens were in fact moral inversions of their counterparts on Earth-1. Which brings me to wonder: could it be that the Earth-2 of The Flash…is not the Earth-2 from the comics that we thought it was? Could it in fact be a different world, a world where the sides of good and evil have been flipped and only the villains win?

Could Jay Garrick be from Earth-3, the home of the Crime Syndicate?

Some evidence has been given – Jay Garrick has not mentioned a single hero, save for the possible exception of ‘a friend from Atlantis’, which would be in keeping with the crime dominated world of Earth-3. It’s also worth noting that Robbie Amell, who played one-half of Firestorm in the first season of the show, has confirmed that he will be reappearing as Deathstorm, the alternate universe counterpart of the heroic Firestorm. Deathstorm recently featured in DC Comics’ recently finished arc Forever Evil as a member of the Crime Syndicate who sought to take over the mainstream universe of Prime Earth – having fled from a being called the Anti-Monitor.



  1. I had the same theory, especially with Deathstorm’s confirmation it definitely seems like Earth-2 is more like Earth-3. It will be interesting to see how Barry is portrayed in Earth-2, if he’s also evil then that pretty much confirms it.


    1. Hmmm, well it does look like we’re getting a close look at Earth-2 in the upcoming half; I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but the promos have shown Barry with glasses being oddly intimate with Iris, and the colour palette for that particular scene had the sepia tones that the producers have chosen to use for Earth-2. What I’m super excited for though is the Reverse-Flash’s return! I’d love to see them fight out their grudge match one more time; it’d be really cool though if our theory is proven right, and he’s the Reverse-Flash from Earth-2, so in the end he turns out to be a good guy! What do you think the chances are of that happening?


      1. Yeah that’s Earth-2 Barry! I don’t this show always surprises me and proves all my theories wrong haha, I think it’s a strong possibility looking at the characters we’ve seen so far, but we haven’t seen too much of Earth-2 yet, so I think in upcoming episodes we’ll get more of an idea of what that Earth is like


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