Month: February 2016

Marvel’s Iron Fist Casting

So recently, an actor was chosen to star in upcoming Netflix series Marvel’s Iron Fist, a Finn Jones who appeared in HBO series Game of Thrones.

First off: who is Iron Fist? To put it simply:

  • Name: Daniel “Danny” Rand
  • Powers and abilities: martial arts master, and has incorporated mysticism into his combat, focusing his chi to enhance his strikes – the eponymous “Iron Fist”.
  • Backstory: to cut a long story short, he was trained in a mystic city accessible only by magic called K’un L’un.


Martin Freeman’s character in Captain America: Civil War revealed

So Martin Freeman’s character in Marvel Studios’ incredibly anticipated Captain America: Civil War has been revealed at last. Namely, one Everett Ross. But who IS Everett Ross?

Well to be succinct,  in the comics this Ross (not to be confused with General Thaddeus Ross, known as an antagonist of the Hulk (Bruce Banner) and as the Red Hulk) is the liaison of the US government to the nation of Wakanda. As you may or may not know, Wakanda is the home nation of the superhero, Black Panther, pictured below in his silver screen debut.


Is Wally West Zoom?

No, not the Wally West from Earth 1, the one who got introduced to us in episode 9. I mean a potential counterpart from Earth 2.

In their battle, Barry asked Zoom what he wanted from him. The answer?


As this week’s most recent episode has shown us, Earth 2 is in many respects as similar to Earth 1 as it is different. On Earth 1, Wally has already been established as having a bit of a bad boy vibe, with his illegal street races. Its also been established already that all people on Earth 1 will have a doppelganger on Earth 2. So a Wally West on Earth 2 must exist.