Is Wally West Zoom?

No, not the Wally West from Earth 1, the one who got introduced to us in episode 9. I mean a potential counterpart from Earth 2.

In their battle, Barry asked Zoom what he wanted from him. The answer?


As this week’s most recent episode has shown us, Earth 2 is in many respects as similar to Earth 1 as it is different. On Earth 1, Wally has already been established as having a bit of a bad boy vibe, with his illegal street races. Its also been established already that all people on Earth 1 will have a doppelganger on Earth 2. So a Wally West on Earth 2 must exist.

On Earth 1, Wally has only recently learnt of the existence of his other family – Joe and Iris. And while he and Barry haven’t interacted much, there’s clearly going to be some kind of tension when they do finally meet and talk when Barry isn’t off doing his superheroics. What if on Earth 2, he was rejected by his family because of his delinquent behaviour? As this week’s episode has shown us, Earth 2 likes to show us a lot of ‘what ifs?’. Barry’s mother is alive, Iris went to the police academy like she wanted, Caitlin and Ronnie ended up becoming metahumans. So allow me to propose a ‘what if?’. What if Wally never stopped being a delinquent on Earth 2, and was rejected by his family? And when he got powers, he realised he had the potential to go fast enough to go back in time. An opportunity to change his past.

(shrugs). It sounds ridiculous, I grant you, but it’s a comic book based TV show. And there’s already some basis for this in the comics – in the New 52 comics, there is a new Reverse-Flash. A man named Daniel West. Iris’ delinquent brother. Sound familiar?

It gets better. When Daniel gets his abilities, he goes after other people who have the Speed Force, draining them of it to become faster, to become fast enough to turn back time and kill his abusive father. Obviously, they wouldn’t be doing a direct adaptation of this story, but as they’ve been using a great deal of the New 52 continuity, I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled out a few strands here and there from Daniel West. Consider also – Daniel West’s costume is similar to that of Zoom’s.

Both have claws for their costumes and steal Speed Force energy from fellow speedsters.

Why don’t we take a look at the places that Zoom dragged Barry off to?

  1. Central City Picture News.
  2. Central City Police Department.

Perhaps this was strategic. This might have simply been to announce to the press that he had defeated the Flash. As for the police, perhaps it was a show of force. But I can’t help but feel that maybe it was Iris and Joe who were the real targets. And why did Zoom wait until he had gone back to STAR Labs to unmask the Flash? Why not expose him to the world?

Because Zoom only wants to ruin Barry, the Flash, in front of the people who already know his identity.

Also, in ‘Fast Lane’ – Wally gave a pretty impassioned speech about being addicted to the feeling of going fast. Weak connection, admittedly, but Zoom wants to be the fastest person ever. Not to mention that Wally has been getting a fair amount of screen time lately…Food for thought. Let’s wait and see how this mystery unfolds.

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