Daredevil Season 2 Trailer Recap and Analysis

Trailer 1

This trailer is rather heavily centred around the Punisher. In Marvel Comics, the Punisher is a man named Frank Castle; his family was killed by the American Mafia, leading him to declare a one-man war on crime. Unfortunately for criminals, the Punisher does not exactly have much of a moral code: he will use murder, extortion, torture – basically nothing is off limits. An ex-Marine, he has both the training and the equipment to carry out his plans.

In the first 20 or so seconds, we see what looks like the Punisher having flashbacks, recalling his family as he’s preparing for a raid. Cut to Daredevil at Church, wondering why he feels guilt – which, according to the Father, means that his work is not yet finished. Um, OK. Moving on: we next find Matt at a crime scene, where a police officer tells him that the Punisher has been tracking gangs down to their bases and taking them out permanently. A surgeon removing a cancer, so to speak. Unfortunately, it looks like as a side effect of the Punisher’s actions, a gang war might well be on the way.

I have to say, I’m really curious as to how they’re planning on portraying the Punisher – for a good part of his scenes in this episode, there’s the sound of a child singing. Is he hallucinating the voice of his dead children, or is this just a flashback? I’ve always viewed the Punisher as dangerously, unapologetically sane, so here’s hoping that the writers agree with me.

Karen Page suggests to Daredevil that perhaps it was his actions that spurred the creation of Punisher. To which he instantly replies ‘There’s no connection’. Personally, I think that while Daredevil probably played some kind of inspiration, Castle would have become the Punisher anyway. Killers, after all, need no excuse. Daredevil resolves to stop the Punisher, asking ‘How much longer before innocent people start getting caught in his crossfire?’

His best friend Foggy however, disagrees, claiming that Matt has donated more than his fair share of blood. Oh Foggy, Foggy, Foggy. You’d think that by now he’d realise that Matt is never going to back down.

Not much else occurs, but there is some beautiful dialogue occurring between the two vigilantes as they cross paths and fight:

Daredevil: People don’t have to die!

Punisher: You hit them and they get back up; I hit them and they stay down!

Daredevil: Why are you doing this?

Punisher: Because I think you’re a half-measure, I think you’re a man who can’t finish the job, I think that you’re a coward!

And the trailer ends with Matt Murdock entering his apartment…finding his ex-girlfriend, Elektra Natchios inside. In the comics, she’s a highly skilled assassin. Lets see what an assassin ex wants with him. Onwards to…

Trailer 2

So we pick up where the first trailer left off  – with Matt’s ex-girlfriend from college having broken into his apartment. They end up meeting later for a meal, where Elektra reveals to him that the yakuza, previously thought to have retreated from New York City in season 1, had simply laid low and let him clear the city of their rivals. Smart move, that.

Elektra warns Matt that they are preparing to make a resurgence, and it looks like they end up teaming up against a series of Hand ninjas. Murdock however tells her that they cannot kill anyone, to which Elektra merely smiles. Looks like we’ll have to see whether she holds to that condition – though considering her primary occupation in the comics is as an assassin, I’m rather doubtful. Certainly, she’s a lot less restrained than Daredevil is – which is shown pretty clearly with her casual flirting during their entire conversation. Love how her levity counterbalances Daredevil’s impassiveness without coming off as overly forced or goofy.

So I mentioned ‘Hand ninjas’. In Marvel Comics, the Hand is an order of assassins involved in organised crime. What’s interesting about them though is that they have a rather deep background in mysticism, worshiping a demon of unknown origin called ‘The Beast’. Sounds rather ominous. Moreover, the Hand also have the abilities of occult magic (at least, in the comics they do) and by murdering someone and bringing them back to life, they can co-opt them as slaves to their organisation.

With all that in mind, it looks like we may very well see the supernatural make its entrance into the MCU a lot earlier than we thought! And with the Hand having resurrection under their belt, might we even see Nobu from season 1 pop back up? For those who don’t know who he is, well he’s this guy fighting Daredevil here.

Cut to a voiceover by a Hand member: ‘You cannot stop what we have started. The rising is coming’. We see Daredevil and Elektra inspecting a massive pit. More fighting with Hand ninjas. Punisher sniping – considering the context, perhaps he gets roped into helping Daredevil in his battle against the Hand?

The Breakdown

  • It looks like Matt’s suit might be getting some upgrades of a sort – in the second trailer you can see that he has glowing red eyes now. If it’s not an upgrade, maybe some magic is at work…I like that, yes.
  • Elektra sure seems like an amazing martial artist.
  • Looks like poor Matt is going to be beat up a lot this season..Punisher, an army of Hand ninja, potentially magic too…

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