Day: March 13, 2016

Daisy Ridley to play Lara Croft (Rumour)

Deadline reports that Daisy Ridley, breakout star of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is being eyed to star as Lara Croft, ace archaeologist, for the Tomb Raider movie, which will take inspiration from the eponymous 2013 reboot game. Based on the very popular and recently revitalised Tomb Raider video game franchise, it will follow the adventures of English archaeologist and all-round badass Lara Croft through adventures heavily derived from Indiana Jones.

The highly coveted action role was previously played by Angelina Jolie in the early 2000s, but unfortunately it suffered from the video game to live action curse and was negatively received. The game side of the franchise would stagnate over the years until 2013, when it was rejuvenated with an all-new Tomb Raider game that rebooted continuity, with a gritty take on Lara Croft’s origin story. With spectacular visuals, characterisation and plot, it brought Lara Croft back to the forefront of video gaming. Its sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider followed in 2015 and in the words of Lucy O’Brien from IGN, “takes its predecessor’s winning formula and improves on it in every way”.

Conversations are reportedly still in the early stages however and no official negotiations or offers have been made as of yet, according to Deadline. Given Ridley’s Star Wars schedule, it’s uncertain whether she will be able to do both franchises at the same time. After seeing her performance in The Force Awakens though, I for one would definitely go to the cinemas to see her as Lara Croft in action. How do you think she would perform in the role of Lara Croft?

Daisy Ridley is currently filming Star Wars Episode VIII, slated for release December 2017.

Source: Deadline