Top 5 Things We Want To See in Captain America: Civil War

So now that the last trailer for Captain America: Civil War has dropped, we decided to list the top 5 things we want to see. If you haven’t already seen it…

1. Captain America talking to Spider-Man

Comic fans will know that (as most of the Marvel Universe does) Spider-Man holds Captain America in extremely high regard. In the Civil War miniseries, whilst initially aligned with Spider-Man regarding superhero registration, Spider-Man ends up defecting to Captain America’s side after being reassured by the Man with a Plan that their path is right. Have a look at the slideshow below! There’s a page or two missing, but you get the gist. Cap makes good speeches. If you can’t make out the words, right click on the images and press open in new tab :).

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While the phrase ‘With great power there must also come great responsibility’ is one of the most iconic phrases, since Spidey is finally debuting in the MCU, why not also let both his idols, Captain America and Iron Man advise him?

2. Captain America being removed from play

While many people are expecting Captain America to die, we’re hoping that he’s simply imprisoned. We made our arguments here, so we won’t repeat them. One way or another, we’re certain that Steve Rogers will be taken off the table after Civil War until Infinity War rolls around.

3. Baron Zemo getting away with his master plan

The MCU has had a nasty habit of killing off its main villains in their debutante films, with the exception of Loki and General Ross. Building up future villains slowly isn’t something that they seem all too keen on, but since Zemo has absolutely no presence in any footage whatsoever, we’re hoping that he has only a minor presence in the film – perhaps simply just orchestrating the Sokovia Accords’ passage into law – with the main focus being on the conflict between Rogers’ and Stark’s factions, as it should be.

Not only would this serve to differentiate Captain America: Civil War from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which also is set to address the question of superhero accountability whilst also uniting a proto-Justice League in the process, but saving Zemo – long time enemy of the Avengers – for a future film would honestly be the best way to go, rather than killing him off in a rushed third act, with the Avengers factions belatedly realising that they were played.

4. Seeing some nice Spidey banter and dynamics with other Avengers

Spider-Man is famous not only for the thwip-thwip, but also the quip-quip. Along with Deadpool, he’s the most smart alec person in the Marvel Universe. He’s also considered to be somewhat of a joke because of his constant jokng, and is regularly ribbed by other heroes as a result. He has the last laugh though because Spider-Man’s legacy is to be the greatest hero ever. So there.


5. Giant-Man

Comic book fans know that not only can Ant-Man shrink, but he can grow too! This power was vaguely hinted at in his debut film Ant-Man (2015) in the form of discs containing Pym Particles (which are responsible for increasing or decreasing the distance between atoms and extradimensionally shunting/attaining mass, resulting in size changes) which made its targets grow in size. However, Ant-Man himself never actually grew in the movie beyond his natural height. In a film where it’s hero against hero, with the likes of Iron Man and Vision against him, he’ll need an ace in the hole and becoming Giant-Man may well be it. Have a look at the picture below for size comparison.



I regret nothing.

Disagree with something on our list? Let us know in the comments and tell us what you want to replace it with :)!


  1. I want to see Maria Hill and maybe Pepper Potts back in this. I mean, Cap, Nat, Clint and Wanda are technically SHIELD people so Maria should have a say in what they’re doing, and I just love Pepper so she needs to show up too. I also want to see them using their different abilities together. We know that Ant-Man rides on Hawkeye’s arrow, and that’s so cool, so I want to see what other mini ability combinations come about.

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    1. Speaking of which, I’m fairly sure that Gwyneth Paltrow is reprising her role as Potts – she was with the crew when they were doing reshoots in January I believe, and some magazine like Empire or EW confirmed it.


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