Comic Book TV Series Developments

With such a saturated market for comic book media both on the big and small screens, its no surprise to hear that some shows survive whilst others don’t. This post gives a list of their current statuses and other developments.  Let’s cut to it, shall we?

In summary:

ABC Network

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: RENEWED FOR SEASON 4

  • Agent Carter: CANCELLED

  • Most Wanted (pilot): PASSED OVER


  • Powerless: ORDERED


  • Krypton (pilot only): ORDERED

The CW



  • Legends of Tomorrow: RENEWED FOR SEASON 2

  • Supergirl: RENEWED FOR SEASON 2, moved from CBS network


Review: Planet Earth

Planet Earth.png

Painstakingly filmed over a five year period in high definition (in the early 2000s by the way) Planet Earth stands as perhaps the most expensive ever nature documentary ordered by BBC Worldwide (costing $2 million per episode)- and, of course, is narrated by the esteemed Sir David Attenborough, because no British nature documentary is complete without his vocals.

Fortunately, the end result didn’t disappoint. Quite simply, Planet Earth is a visual masterpiece, featuring spectacular photography, that never fails to leave one in awe – not only of the majestic environments captured, but also the sheer gargantuan effort that the workers behind the series must have put in to make this happen. The information presented is unfailingly educational without coming across as too dry or stiff and sufficiently deep in its brevity without being esoteric.

The HD quality gives the viewer a crystal clear view no matter where the camera goes – long tracking shots of cranes flying over – yes, over – the Himalayas to the plains of Africa, the depths of the Pacific, the Arctic desert, the Amazon rainforest and several other biomes. Capturing animals on video that heretofore had only ever been seen in passing before, the documentary remains a must see a decade later. The music is uplifting, triumphant, celebrating the terrible beauty of the cycle of life, yet mournful when it touches on the fragility of our natural world. There may be some issues with violence when it comes to animals and hunting scenes, but usually the scenes are tastefully done so that nothing is graphic.

There are so many beautiful things in this series that I never even knew existed, and just seeing the intricate and delicate balance of nature…well, the more I see of it, the more I remember why I love watching nature documentaries. I almost never tell people ratings because for me it’s usually a case of “did I like it or did I not/will other people like it or will they not”, but for this I’ll make an exception. 10/10. It’s quite simply a must see. I guarantee that if, when you see this, you cannot fail to be moved. As documentaries go, this should be at the top of the “must watch” list.

A sequel to Planet EarthPlanet Earth II, is planned by the BBC to be released sometime later this year. With the incredible strides in technology since, it should prove to be even better than the first. When it comes, I’ll be ready…after I take care of my exams first.

MCU News – Phase 3 Begins, Part 2! Beyond Captain America: Civil War! (Spoilers)


This is a follow-up to another post, written before Civil War came out. So I’ve seen Civil War twice now, and liked it both times. Now that Marvel’s Phase 3 has officially gone into full swing, let’s take a look at what the film set up for the rest of Phase 3.


MCU News: Phase 3 begins!

A war draws near…the world shivers as cosmic forces threaten to tear it apart…and Marvel’s Phase 3 is upon us. So I thought that I’d give a little update on some of the happenings lately as Phase 3 prepares to kick off in earnest with Captain America: Civil War!

Doctor Strange’s Teaser Trailer released

Here you go.

Check out this post here for my analysis of it :).


A growing problem with the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is, in monetary terms at least, the biggest movie franchise ever, grossing about nine billion dollars over 12 films. Incredibly successful, it has also seen a massive expansion onto the small screen over the past three years, producing Agent Carter and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with ABC, as well as making a deal with Netflix to produce 4 TV shows – DaredevilJessica JonesLuke Cage and Iron Fist, as well as a Defenders miniseries. In total, Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel Television, says that there are currently nine or ten shows in various stages of development.

With its unprecedented scale, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been praised by many for its ability to weave in aspects of other films and TV shows, whilst still being able to tell a standalone tale. Mostly, this connection is film-to-film, or film-to-TV, and very rarely, TV-to-film. With the serialised format of the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., however, it’s strange that the show hasn’t had much of an impact on the movies. Indeed, in its first season, Agents had most of its episodes dragging on, awaiting the aftermath of the events in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when it was revealed that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been infiltrated by terrorist organisation HYDRA years before.


Marvel’s Iron Fist Casting

So recently, an actor was chosen to star in upcoming Netflix series Marvel’s Iron Fist, a Finn Jones who appeared in HBO series Game of Thrones.

First off: who is Iron Fist? To put it simply:

  • Name: Daniel “Danny” Rand
  • Powers and abilities: martial arts master, and has incorporated mysticism into his combat, focusing his chi to enhance his strikes – the eponymous “Iron Fist”.
  • Backstory: to cut a long story short, he was trained in a mystic city accessible only by magic called K’un L’un.


Is Wally West Zoom?

No, not the Wally West from Earth 1, the one who got introduced to us in episode 9. I mean a potential counterpart from Earth 2.

In their battle, Barry asked Zoom what he wanted from him. The answer?


As this week’s most recent episode has shown us, Earth 2 is in many respects as similar to Earth 1 as it is different. On Earth 1, Wally has already been established as having a bit of a bad boy vibe, with his illegal street races. Its also been established already that all people on Earth 1 will have a doppelganger on Earth 2. So a Wally West on Earth 2 must exist.