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Will Mercy Graves have a cybernetic arm in Batman v Superman?

A few days ago, Huffington Post Live asked on Twitter for fans to send in questions. Well, one of our contributors was invited to send in a couple of questions via email. Interestingly, one of them was rejected…specifically, one about whether or not Tao Okamoto’s character, Mercy Graves, would be sporting a cybernetic arm. Fans of the hit animated TV series Young Justice will know that in that series, Mercy Graves actually was a cyborg, equipped with a weaponised cybernetic arm to assist her in her duties as bodyguard to Lex Luthor.


From Young Justice Wiki

As shown in the video below, it can be quite the destructive weapon – which is to be expected considering that Lex Luthor undoubtedly tinkered with it.

Of course, there are some arguments against this – Batman v Superman is already introducing a cyborg, in the form of…well, Cyborg, pictured below. Introducing another part-mechanical character might detract from the magic of seeing Cyborg suited up on screen, so it’s doubtful that Warner Bros would allow for Graves to also be equipped with mechanical parts.

Of course, the fact that the question was rejected isn’t strange – after all, a detail like that is definitely something that they’d like to keep under wraps – but this does raise the possibility that Tao Okamoto’s Mercy Graves might indeed have a few little tricks up her sleeve to protect her employer. At this point, all we can do is wait and see.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releases into cinemas March 25th.

Is Wally West Zoom?

No, not the Wally West from Earth 1, the one who got introduced to us in episode 9. I mean a potential counterpart from Earth 2.

In their battle, Barry asked Zoom what he wanted from him. The answer?


As this week’s most recent episode has shown us, Earth 2 is in many respects as similar to Earth 1 as it is different. On Earth 1, Wally has already been established as having a bit of a bad boy vibe, with his illegal street races. Its also been established already that all people on Earth 1 will have a doppelganger on Earth 2. So a Wally West on Earth 2 must exist.