Suicide Squad

DCEU News: Suicide Squad 2?

Suicide Squad doesn’t land into cinemas until August, but there’s already some buzz that Warner Bros. is making plans for a sequel (however, at this point in time, this rumour has not been officially been confirmed by WB – so make of this what you will), with director David Ayer and actor Will Smith (who plays Deadshot) as well.

“I’ve seen Suicide Squad, and I can tell you that movie really works,” Ben Affleck (who plays Batman in the DC Extended Universe) told Entertainment Weekly. “That movie is really, really cool and fun and awesome.”


Suicide Squad: DCEU’s Guardians of the Galaxy?

So Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for the Suicide Squad.

If Warner Bros. had anything to say about it, this would have been the first look the world outside of the San Diego Comic Con would have had at David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Unfortunately for them, the footage got leaked almost immediately and proliferated on the Internet faster than a speeding bullet.


Can the DCEU dethrone the MCU?

I believe the answer to be a resounding “yes”. The DC Extended Universe, started off with Man of Steel in 2013 and will really get going this year with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, ahead of Justice League: Part One and a solo Wonder Woman movie in 2017.

Compare this to Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe, which kicked off in 2008 with Iron Man, and a dozen films under its belt, with the entire franchise grossing over 9 billion dollars. Marvel Studios has had several years to build up its cinematic universe with multiple solo films, culminating in its massive hit The Avengers in 2012. Warner Bros.’ DCEU is still in its infancy, with only 1 film under its belt with rather mixed reviews. But there are a number Suiof factors at play here that could see the DCEU nevertheless end up toppling the MCU, even with it playing catch up.


Superhero Movies 2016: What to expect

It’s a great time to be a comic book fan. Since comic book derived media proved themselves to be lucrative at the turn of the century, the genre has seen an explosion onto both the big and small screens, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Marvel Studios, the DC Extended Universe being launched by Warner Bros. and the X-Men franchise from 20th Century Fox. This year, there’s a grand total of six – yes, SIX – superhero movies coming out next year. Here’s what they’re about and what you can expect in some rough detail.